Christmas Revels ~ December 2014

An Irish Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Photos & videography by David Bazemore   ·   Click the images for a larger view

On board the S. S. Furnessia

Awaiting the emigrants

The Wexford Carol

Poet to the Purser: “My name is Ireland.”

The Parting Glass

“Father Christmas can find you … even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”

Song: There’s a big ship sailing

Song: The Wee Fallorie Man

Set dance from County Clare

“Ah now, all that shteppin’ puts an appetite on a man.”

“Did you ever make colcannon … with lovely pickled cream,”

“Madam, I am a poet in exile. Does it not grieve you to leave your homeland?”

“There is no more soothing a language than Gaelic to calm a troubled soul.”

Banchnoic Eireann Oighe (The Fair Hills of Ireland)

“How are you at telling stories? Or is that beneath a poet?”

“On a cold St. Stephen’s Eve …”

“Listen all ye, ’tis the Feast o’ St. Stephen, Mind that ye keep it, this holy even.”

“It’s a grand savin’ of tickets an’ baggage. Clip clap, clip clap, I wish I had my wee red cap!”

“The King looked straight at him. ‘Come, tell us, have ye given aught to any one this night?’”

“He frantically pulled handfuls of gold from his pockets. ‘Take those to the Widow O‘Donnelly, do ye hear?’“

The Rocky Road to Dublin

Irish Step Dance

Londonderry Air

“At least there are no English in this part of the ocean for sadly they can neither sing nor dance.”

“…And, for your further education gentlemen, the English have a proud and venerable tradition of both song and dance. Show ’em lads!”

The Lord of the Dance


Sí Beag Sí Mhór (Sheebeg Sheemore)

Abbots Bromley Horn Dance


Don Oíche úd I mBeithil (That Night in Bethlehem)

“You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be glad of yesterday and live for tomorrow.”

The Voice of the Sea: “And the sea with its deepness, And the rocks with their steepness …”

“The winds were white and weeping with foam dust of the wave”

Down by the Salley Gardens

Irish dance (hard shoe)

Mary the Money

The Wren Song

Father Christmas: “I’d like to taste a drop of true Christmas beer.”

“I am the Wild Worm, come to give battle.”

“This’ll be a fair fight … and no expectoratin’!”


Sir Patrick slays the worm.

The swordsmen dance.


“So let the blessed mistletoe … bring him back among us.”

“A mighty woman with a torch, … and her name Mother of Exiles.”

The Shortest Day

The Statue of Liberty comes into view

The Sussex Mummers’ Carol

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