Equinox ~ September 2017

Photos by Myron Shapero   ·   Click the images for a larger view

Bells at the Presidio Chapel

Inside the chapel

Artistic Director Susan Keller welcomes the audience

Instrumentalists Jeannot Maha’a, Marie Hébert and James Garcia

Music Director Erin McKibben sings My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

Adam Phillips plays The Stool of Repentance on the Scottish small pipes

Reception during intermission

Board President Barbara Hill talks with concert-goers

Jessica Haro, Associate Producer, Erin McKibben, Music Director and Susan Keller, Artistic Director of Santa Barbara Revels

Concert-goers enjoy the music

Erin McKibben plays the flute on a Scottish medley

James Garcia plays guitar on La Barquillera

The enthusiastic audience responds to the eclectic program

Luis Moreno and Adam Phillips through the strings of Rebekah Scogin’s harp

Erin McKibben, Paul Brooks and all sing La Noche ’sta Serena

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Susan Keller, Founder/Artistic Director