Around the Year

Pub Sings

Held around the Vernal Equinox (and whenever else we feel like it!), Revels is always up for a music-making and merriment at local pubs. These community events encourage everyone to raise their voices in singing favorite folk classics, familiar rounds, and beloved traditional tunes, all while enjoying a beverage of your choice.


May Day

There is a long history of maypole dancing, and Santa Barbara Revels gleefully partakes in this tradition each May. Join us at Paseo Nuevo's center court for our annual celebration, featuring musical performances, singing, dancing, and (of course) the traditional dance around the maypole!



Each year around the autumnal equinox, Santa Barbara Revels celebrates our own change of season with concert of music drawn from both the prior-year's Christmas Revels show and the upcoming show. The concert allows us to showcase our amazing musicians and singers in a beautiful acoustic space, the sanctuary of the Santa Barbara Unitarian Society.


Harbor Sing

A recent tradition for us, Santa Barbara Revels partners with the Condor Express to have a pub sing at sea! Enjoy the stunning views of the Central Coast while singing folk classics and shanties, all while enjoying food, drink, and camaraderie.